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    July 13, 2008



    Tony's passing leaves me sorrowful. Thanks for the link to the Juan Williams article. He and Tony always had a rapport that came through the camera.


    RG, I agree whole-heartedly with your comments about Tony Snow and the character, or the lack thereof, in many non-Blacks who are afraid to critique or criticize blacks when they should be rightly criticized. The tone of your pigmentation does not exempt you from being criticized by someone who does not share your skin color. I heard Whoopi Goldberg on The View explain that blacks and whites live in different worlds, and I would have loved to have given her the business- I would criticize her just like any other corrupt, stupid, or ignorant person. If we truly want to strive for true brotherhood and authentic equality instead of the faux "diversity" that liberals preach but do not practice, we need to do so without pandering or fear- even if that offends certain people.

    RIP, Tony Snow- your optimism and grace was truly infectious.

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