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    October 03, 2008



    {Sarah Palin, however, does fit within that picture and has achieved against the odds at every step of the way in her climb up the political ladder.}

    C'mon RG... how can you possible compare Counts and Palin in this context... or any context?

    Counts lived in an era of social and economic discrimination, physical intimidation, political disenfranchisement, and separate and unequal living conditions for African Americans.

    When Counts "went to school", she was threatened with death.

    Let's look at Palin. Was she surrounded by thousands of anti-white or anti-female haters when she ran for mayor or governor? Did Palin need physical protection during those times? Was she getting death threats?

    Palin has a net worth of around $1.2 million. She is the most powerful woman in the state of Alaska. The government doesn't discriminate against Palin; she IS the government.

    The only thing separate and unequal about Palin is that she's MUCH better off than the rest of us. Emphasis on MUCH.

    If you want to say Palin has been the "victim" of unfair press, that's one thing. But c'mon, man... to say that there is a metaphorical-or ANY- comparison between Counts and Palin is ridiculous.


    The comparison I thought I made clear was the traditional slanders against black women, the fear (of the unknown, etc.) generated by those slanders, and their remarkable similarity to the slanders against Sarah Palin.

    And I stand by them. I am especially emboldened since you have assiduously avoided any discussion of them and, instead, run to the particular woman in the picture and her particular circumstances.

    That's called a dodge, EarthTone, and it is quite telling.



    This is the President of LA, California, Chapter of N.O.W. endorsing Sarah Palin. The feminist are not staying in one camp. Tammy Bruce has already thrown her support behind McCain/Palin. There were btw 15,000.00 and 20,000.00 people at this rally. I believe the smarmy Palin smears that started right after she was picked for Republican Vice Presidential Nominee., is starting to have an effect. I believe one of the reasons Joe Biden, wasn't so condescending last Thursday night.



    Barack Obama, is bi racial, and his mother's ancestry is sometimes, passed over and the focus is on his father's Kenyan ancestry. This post is about Sarah Palin's ancestry, genealogy. Where it becomes significant, per identity politics, Palin, McCain and Obama share a common ancestor. They all can trace themselves back to early founding families and Royal linage. Barack Obama's mothers family, can trace themselves back to the same ruling class. How does that make Barack Obama "Change"

    This genealogy also points out that Sarah Palin doesn't come from some jerkwater, backwards rustics. In fact quite the opposite.


    OK, these are my last thoughts on this thread:

    [1] RG, I appreciate that you try to be thoughtful (even as you're being combative) on all of this. If only you'd turn away from the dark side...

    But, simply put: the challenges faced by Sarah Palin are NOT SIMILAR IN ANY POSSIBLE WAY to those faced Counts.

    You taIk in your response of the "traditional slanders against black women", etc, etc. That's all well and good, but the "traditional slanders" and other stuff are NOTHING like what Counts faced when she integrated that NC school.

    I mean, c'mon... you're comparing Counts and Palin... I don't mean to be harsh, but what are you thinking? I just can't take that seriously. I don't even think Palin would accept that comparison.

    [2] For the sake of brevity, I'm not going to debate the whole piece. For the record: I think Palin is intellectually shallow. She most reminds me not of McCain, but rather of George Bush. The idea of her being a heartbeat away from the presidency scares the heck out of me.

    Her success as a politician will not make her any less shallow, or make me any more accepting of her. So I'm saving both of us some time by not "debating" these particular pro-Palin points (or the anti-Obama one's)... Anyone who's for Palin will agree with you, anyone who's not will disagree.

    [3] One note regarding Ifill's book: why not criticize it BEFORE you read it? My understanding is that she's not using the term to say that we're going to see a future age where Obama will "reign" (in the way that you feel Palin will "reign" politically).

    What she's talking about, I think, is the way that black politicians will approach politics - to go from being "black candidates" to candidates who happen to black. That's an approach which you as a black Republican would probably welcome (even if you don't like that Obama is one of those who is using that strategy.)


    [1] EarthTone, are you seriously putting forward the idea that Gwen Ifill isn't ENRAPTURED with Barack Obama?

    [2] So . . . Barack Obama "happens" to be black? Could have fooled me. Is this the same way he "happened" to lay down black liberation theology when it became inconvenient?

    [3] When I heard his 2004 convention speech, I was very pleased and quite attracted to the man. When people questioned (and I mean Black Democrats) his blackness, I said he obviously was Black and there was no question on whether he was black enough. Then I started hearing rumblings during this campaign cycle and the more I have heard the more adamant I have become that this man cannot be President.

    [4] This supposedly Christian man has winked at or openly encouraged Messiah-like worship of his candidacy. Are you comfortable with that, EarthTone? The way the "racial team" aspect of his candidacy has been encouraged by he and his supporters? That doesn't happen when a candidate believes he "happens" to be black and leads me to question your sincerity on the Gwen Ifill point. All of Black America is aware of how this man has pushed his candidacy and has been quite free is throwing around "race traitor" language for anyone who dares to not fall in line.

    [5] Palin, my friend, probably doesn't scare you because you think she's shallow. Tell yourself that lie if you must; convince yourself you believe it if you must. But we all know better.


    J.B., can you go on a riff like this dude? He rocks da house!


    Not bad, Vince. Not bad at all.



    I believe Barack Obama is the FACE turned out towards us, who is behind that FACE? People believe that Barack Obama is Black, he is when it is convenient. Barack Obama is bi racial, so why doesn't he run as a bi racial candidate? Obama is closer to the definition of African American, his father a Kenyan immigrant. Barack Obama is not the descendant of U.S.A. slaves.

    I have listened to Professor Debra Dickerson, who wrote the book "The End of Blackness" she points outs, that she has two bi racial children, she does not think of them as Black. They have not shared that experience. I don't know how much Obama, has shared that experience?

    I think Barack Obama, was pushed up to far, too fast in the Chicago Political Machine. I believe they projected his mass appeal to the American Electorate(sold as something new) It is a cynical view of Americans IMO. Americans will buy anything -including a Green political candidate, with socialist tendencies if you wrap the package right.

    Perception trumps Reality, and Commerce trumps both i.e. our current manufactured financial crisis.


    Ree, here is clearly out of his league and has been pushed much too far much too soon.

    I have some personal experience with that bi-racial thing. Many if not most black families do, either through their parents, siblings or first cousins. Perhaps you do, too.

    It has not been dealt with in this election but it is a huge and divisive issue in the black community.

    No one wants to admit it but everyone knows it.

    I don't agree that Obama is closer to the definition of African American than families here for generations upon generations -- this term is, in its mythic conception, holistic and continent-wide; a definition for folks in the diaspora away from the continent of origin.

    So, in the black intellectual imagination, Obama is closer to the definition of Kenyan-American which is a sub-group of our African American sub-group here in the United States.

    That said, the people who are disgusted with the overreach of multiculturalism have a good and useful point.

    We are Americans.

    It is a dilemma, however, that doesn't allow for easy discussion. From my personal experience, and still my considered opinion, black people and white people mean very different things when we talk about multiculturalism. The reason why we are presently having the single most unserious examination of a presidential candidate in modern history is because of this differentiation, I do believe.

    Obama (and Ayers, etc.) are taking serious advantage of that fact (which is why, by the way, I included that photo of the black female student integrating a Charlotte high school and linked it to Sarah Palin; these people so narrowly construe the black experience in America that they arbitrarily sever our connection to humanity).

    Black people are entirely disconnected from the intellectual construct of multiculturalism as operated by the white liberal elite in our nation.

    It's almost as if there are a minimum of two conversations going on (and perhaps three or four) at the very same event based on the exact same verbiage. Because they are the masters of projection -- when they moan about racism, look for it in their actions. When they lament the use of code in language, you are sure to find it in their delivery.



    Yes it is a tangle, I have bi racial twin nieces. Now the argument made by Progressives (Tolerance) to attact voters like myself, would be, this would help my nieces. OF course I want their life to be like any other American people's lives. People are protective of their kin, and every generation wants the next generation to do better. The problem is, I can't make the socialist Obama inclinations, to square with the tolerant selling point. Did we just get right back to the point of your post?

    My husband has a younger brother that is Spanish and Black, we all identify American. I am a family historian as you and I have discussed in the past. Some of my own roots are tri racial isolates -Melungeons, talk about a sub grouping:)

    I am reminded of the old saying "call me whatever you want just don't call me late for dinner" SMILE.

    The one problem The Left has with the constant racism narrative, is they are using up the juice- the power of the term, racist and racism. When used constantly and saturating the dialog, it starts to be watered down, where as before it would invoke immediate intensity and either the conversation would heat up or it would go silent.

    Indeginous Americans actually have a spiritual belief, that words held power, that certain words should be guarded and reserved so they wouldn't lose their power. Not used up so infrequently invoked.

    I remember watching a bio on Maya Angelou, she made a similar observation about the power of words, that they could even inspire death. She went dumb for years, she stated because of witnessing the power of words.

    My point, the constant attack by the MSM that anything at all Obama's opponent does running against him, is Racist in origin is losing it's juice because it has been over used.


    I just found your site today from a link that Ree posted on Trailmix, and I am grateful. It is so refreshing to read this from your point of view, and I find myself agreeing with (and admiring) most everything you've said. (And I don't agree with that many people).

    It surprises me when others don't and can't see all bigotry, whether it's racism or misogyny, or any other, are all the same. They are equally wrong and one has to only be on the receiving end of that prejudice to understand how painful and immoral it is.

    I look forward to the rest of this series, as well as anything you write on your blog in the future. Thank you.


    Love you, Ree. Very good comment.

    Chloe, thank you so much. That's high praise and I think you've made my day.


    Thanks J.B.,

    I just want to punctuate my point. Sometimes people go to the well one to many times, and find the well has dried up.


    These items will be of interest to those discussing Obama's racial identity.

    This talks about the public perception of Obama's racial identity, and how his "bi-raciality" might affect his perceptins of Americans: Barack Obama, Black, Biracial, Whatever.

    This post talks about how our knowledge of history - or lack thereof - affects our understanding of how race affects the election: The Consequences of Race History Ignorance on Our Politics.


    OK, let's try that post again so that links show:

    Barack Obama, Black, Biracial, Whatever:

    The Consequences of Race History Ignorance on Our Politics.

    Lord Bitememan

    "The government doesn't discriminate against Palin; she IS the government."

    Does that mean if Obama is elected president we can conclude the government doesn't discriminate against him? By extension. . . you get where I'm going with this, don't you?


    Just found your blog today through LGF. Great stuff. The literalist who insists you draw an exact comparison between Counts and Palin misses the point. I'll venture to say it is artistic, poetical, even. The picture is of one young woman living her destiny proudly, unafraid, surrounded by fellow citizens who should know better, who want to destroy her and what she represents, and turn back the clock. A symbol not just for her time, but for ours, and maybe forever. Like Socrates' Defense.
    Palin was not predicted, she hasn't wined and dined on the DC circuit; MSM is not on her speed dial. I first saw her on Craig Ferguson's late night show, making him an honorary citizen of Alaska!
    She didn't go to school with them, she wasn't on their horizon, she doesn't live in their neighborhood, there's no network of favors owed and given. They fear her because she is not their creation, and they didn't see this coming at all. "Change" is a rhetorical device for Obama; for Palin it's an active verb requiring practice.

    BTW, the YouTube cited by Vince was fun, too.
    I'm looking forward to reading your blog, archives and all.

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