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    « Music Test | Main | Oprah and Chris Brown/Rihanna »

    March 09, 2009




    Something similar happened when Jamie Spears got pregnant at I forget 15 years old...and then her young fan base tries to incorporate it into their narrative. Not that it didn't happen before (teen pregnancy) but these people have an effect on the inexperienced and week reasoning folks.

    The adults in this Brown/Rihanna situation appear to be going through some kind of damage control. So are they more concerned about the Product- Revenue Stream, then the human beings involved. But then the Music Industry has chewed up and spit out a good number of music artist.


    You know, apparently Oprah has a show on this topic today so I'll be watching the 10 p.m. replay for the first time in many a moon.

    Also, Leonard Pitts down in Miami had an interesting column today too:

    When A Man Hits A Woman


    Well, lets try that link another way:


    Also, wrong date on the show; not today, it's on Thursday.

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