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    November 25, 2010




    My husband is retired Army NCO after 27 years of service, and his brother is still active Army, and a Colonel. A little back ground why I was so psyched when West won. ARMY IS IN THE HOUSE!

    I was watching his acceptance speech it's on you tube. Made me want to move to Florida ;)

    Remember what the President said, before the mid term elections "If the Republicans win, it's going to be like hand to hand combat".

    In his acceptance speech Col West remarked Mr President, I am trained in hand to hand combat LOL!

    I wish we had more people just like him to send to Congress.

    I do believe the gators are waiting for him in the shallows, but I have every confidence in him, that they are not going to enjoy tangling ass with him GRIN.


    Forgot to mention Ed Shultz, he seems to be some kind of non recovering alcoholic, in need of an intervention. Translation: He needs a check up from the neck up LOL!


    I love Col. West too.

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