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    June 14, 2011



    JB, you aren't serious about Michelle Bachmann being a puppet of the establishment?! I'm for Herman Cain, but I respect Bachmann, and she is hated by the libs just as much as Palin.

    Any of those three wd be fantastic, I cd live with Pawlenty, but Romney has BLOWN IT, AFAIC. Sorry, Bay State homeboy...


    Phil, it's good to hear from you again, my friend. You may recall that Romney was my preferred guy at this time four years ago. He isn't my preferred guy now but we shall see how things play out. Who is my preferred guy? Anybody but the Democrat.

    To answer your direct question, yes. I am serious, because there is a serious train of thought getting discussed on the down low about Madam Bachmann. She has made an informal accommodation with Romney and will play the part of "in it to win it" as long as she can. Romney has all the money and the backing of the establishment, and they would rather deal with her than Sarah America.

    I'm going to support the Republican nominee, period. But they better not mess with Sarah; no dissin' and no dismissin' -- at all.

    I'm reserving judgment on Herman Cain; if he catches fire, cool, if not, cool. But get ready, my man, Romney may be forced down your throat.


    AFAIC, Cain is a 9.5, Michelle is a 9.1...Huge talents in any event.

    You got to admit: in 2009-2010, MB spent a huge amount of time running around the country to work w/the tea parties, Sarah did much less.

    BTW, if Cain catches fire, how can that be cool? heheh.

    PS: Romney was my choice in 2008, too. "Thanks, Charlie F#$king Crist, ya rino leeeewwwwser rino bum rino, fer clinchin it fer McLame."

    Ohhhh, did you see McLame just blasted his favorite target==conservative Repubs--in a generous interview with supersuperfair Kristiane Lameandpoor? Whattaguy, it was such a blessing in disguise that he lost.

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