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    June 04, 2008




    It is somewhat ironic that Colin Powell could have been very strong presidential candidate for President or Vice President. I don't know what caused the fall out between George Bush and Colin Powell ; but it seems that the position of Secretary of State was a tremendous opportunity if Colin Powell had political aspirations.

    The position of Secretary of State prepared John Quincy Adams to be a very successful president. A very good book I recently read regarding this was "John Quincy Adams and the Foundations of American Foreign Policy" by Samuel Flagg Bemis.

    I agree with one of your earlier posts that "the first African American President will likely be a conservative", it is also likely that he will have served in the military as a General Officer. Honorable Military Service has a great influence for many and this may be Sen. Obama’s greatest obstacle to overcome, especially in the West and South.

    Colin Powell's assent to power began with service as a junior combat arms officer in Viet Nam and some of the same conditions exist where our military forces are presently engaged.

    During my service supporting the Marine Corps, with 2 Iraq Deployments, I have had the opportunity to work with many Officers who are very capable leaders with talent as great as Colin Powell. I suspect we will see a future president come from those who have or are presently serving in combat now.


    Thanks, Pat. Soldiers and Marines are carrying the heavy water in Iraq (and elsewhere) and I suspect the State Department stint for General Powell unfortunately did to him what it does to so many -- render him amenable to accepting subterfuge (or worse, engaging in it himself) in homage to the conceit of nuance.

    I love the mission of the State Department but I do hate the fact that so many of them can't seem to remember they are not policy makers. You do not stand up to the President as Secretary of State, you advance the President's interests -- unless the President has required you to engage in an illegality.

    They just can't (or won't) abide by this fact. It's absolutely maddening and our enemies abroad are only too well aware of this weakness.

    Gerard Vanderleun

    I am both flattered and honored you would quote me at such length.

    I think I'll take a look at that essay again myself. I've had some more thoughts on Treason in our time. Perhaps it might be good to flesh them out a bit.


    Gerard, the honor is all mine. I will watch your site closely from now until November -- you are sure to have some Grade-A stuff as this weird, weird election cycle comes to a close.


    I kept wondering in the back of my head where i had heard the stuff in which Feith was called the stupidest man on the planet or some such. Now I remember that it was some person quoted at length in 'Fiasco'. Yet every time I heard Feith on NPR he seemed to have the brevity of wit and the soul of conviction - in short a very clear moral case for the great intervention. And now Hitchens has recently backed him up in reviewing Feith's new book.

    Powell has indeed fallen from favor in my eyes primarily because he couldn't keep his mouth shut and has gon into the venture capital business - an old soldier who would niether fade away nor have the balls of Barack Obama and subject his precious family's privacy to fulfilling the destiny the public practically decreed for him as President. Powell has a lot of explaining to do, and I'm not sure it's worth hearing out.

    In fact, I am starting to wonder if his old right hand man Armitage wasn't conspiring some way to piss on the Bush Whitehouse via Plame.


    Cobb, there's no doubt in my mind whatsoever. They clearly conspired with some friends in the intelligence "shadow government" to screw the Bush Administration. Remember one primary point of my post: Colin Powell and Richard Armitage both owed fiduciary duties to the President. And they sat there and allowed the administration to hang, while the craziest speculation whirled all over the Beltway, while a feeding frenzy designed to bring down Dick Cheney *AND* Karl Rove ran wild.

    They had plausible deniability, sure enough, but I didn't buy it then and I'm not buying it now. They were dealing in bad faith, pure and simple. Over at Just One Minute they engaged in a tremendous amount of speculation when this thing first hit bigtime and I think I was one of the, if not the first one to openly speculate that Armitage and Powell were the unseen hands in the Valerie Plame non-crime.

    If memory serves me correctly, my speculation was completely ignored.

    When this administration leaves office, I hope there is some judicious way to settle some serious scores with some public servants who need a good ass whuppin. Including my hero, Colin Powell.


    It was Gen. Tommy Franks who allegedly made the "stupidest f@cking person on earth" comment about Feith. Can't recall the exact context, but I seem to recall it involved some over-ambitious project by Feith that did not take into account some basic military-logistical obstacles.

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