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    September 17, 2008


    Ohio Boy

    Trying to wrap my brain around the email violation as well. I can't recall anything so low -- apparently the open season on Palin will continue. Good thing McCain doesn't use email.

    The consolation that I have right now is that there were probably slim pickings for these dirtbags to choose from.(Although, I'll never know, because I won't read the mail or any accounts of them, because they're none of my d%^* business.)

    "Lies, damn lies, and statistics..." (sorry to be all cliched)


    Each day these vipers descend to new lows of hypocrisy. They are hysterical and ignorant people who fail to see that their actions actually have the opposite effect on most Americans. Who in their right mind will want to run for political office if they represent positions in opposition to these jackals definition of what is right and good? These leftists are nothing more than 21st Century Brown Shirts.


    The e-mail intrusion has two components: a young turk "look-at-me, I'm sooooo smart" element, and a "I'm gonna get the dirt an dhelp my man Barry" element. It is a natural result of the odd combination of narcisism and anything for the collective good that defines politics on the left.

    Re polls, since at least 2000 the one constant with polls is that Democrat candidates in a competative environment rarely have performed up to the expectations of polls. Gore didn't, Kerry didn't, many Congressional candidates haven't. I, too, expect Sen. Obama to lag behind the polls when the votes are counted. The real question is the degree to which he is affected by this phenomenon. There is legitimate concern that latent racism hidden in the public polling process will reveal itself in the private ballot box, though not, I think, to the level some would have you believe. I believe an equally real reason for saying one thing and voting another is not so much a desire not to vote for a black man, but a desire to not be perceived by the poller as racist. Just as it can be difficult, if not impossible, for white folks to understand the experiences and impressions of racism from the black perspective, it is difficult for many black people to appreciate the fear or anxiety of appearing racist that many white folks experience. On a personal level, living in a majority minority city that is way too over-racially charged it gets damn tiring to feel like I have to constantly have to police my speech of innocent comments lest my coworkers or neighbors read a racial component into them that never existed.


    I have been depressed these last few days, watching Obama's resurgence in the polls, especially Gallup. I feel quite a bit better now -- thank you! Love your blog.


    I hear ya, submandave.

    Carol, never forget these folks desperately want us to be depressed right now. They had to stop the momentum of Sarah Palin. Jigger some polls and . . . voila!

    Everything is cool. Obama will not win.

    Lord Bitememan

    Personally I haven't paid any attention to Gallup's numbers for years. Some good agencies to keep an eye on, Rasmussen, Survey USA, and Insider Advantage.

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