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    September 22, 2008



    "Why reverse the dynamic of the mirror of truth? Fear..." That's a good one that also says a lot about Everyman, too, on different levels. 'Course you knew that when you wrote it. I enjoy your articles. There's always something to think about in each one. Thanks.

    Ohio Boy

    RE: Service

    Agree that it is a winning theme.

    In this regard I (painfully) agree, generally, with the lefties who have noted a disconnect between the concept of an all-pervasive war and a lack of real contribution asked of anyone other than the uniformed military. I realize the cynical nature of many of their pronouncements, but that doesn't mean there's not a grain of truth in 'em.

    GWB told us to go shopping, which was fine, as far as it went, I guess. It does kinda seem that he missed a huge opportunity to rally the homefront. Maybe to dramatically boost military enrollment. I'm talking about kicking off the huge "Uncle Sam Needs You" types of patriotic marketing campaigns -- total and relentless. Get us up to pre-Peace Dividend troop levels, at least.

    Bush's macro response immediately after 9/11 was woefully inadequate. He had a captivated and motivated citizenry who was looking for direction. He had the immediate example of the Heroes of Flight 93 fresh in the public psyche. He had a legitimate case to mobilize ALL the resources of the country. This was the window of time for him to go "all in", before the partisanship of early 21st century America could return.

    I truly hope that it doesn't take another major attack on our homeland for Americans to be of a similar mindset. A McCain election will at least suggest that a good segment of the population has not, in fact, hit the snooze button. He's also a pretty good, living example of "service".

    Irish Gal

    My father flew in a B-52 Bomber in France in WWII. I was raised to stand behind your country. While not always perfect, opportunities are given here like no other place. It's whether people choose to seize it or not. There is a one-way traffic jam in this country, and it is not going out of this country. Good article. The left in this country make decisions on emotion and the right in this country make decisions on logic. Not that the left is not intelligent, just that emotions override their logic.


    I have to say as a Christian and a Conservative from Canada, even if we lose this election against Obama, knowing that people like you are on my side thus the correct side makes me feel for good!!

    It is beyond me that more Black Americans do not see the light...then again, I can say that about a lot of whites and hispanics too...

    Blessings from Canada



    Go Gators!!


    Irish Gal, I'm with you all the way.

    Dev, thank you much and many blessings to you, too (I'm a big fan of David Warren up Canada-way in Ottawa).

    bella, there's no other name so glorious -- All hail, Florida, hail!


    OK, I'll try to be brief.

    The phrase "Country First" will not resonate with Americans outside the Republican/conservative cohort.

    Indeed, McCain's "Politics First" stunts, like his "campaign suspension", make his use of the phrase laughable.

    RE: the comment that race issues are protecting certain candidates from national review: an excellent discussion of this is here-

    History Chasers

    Excellent rebuttal. Thank God for intelligent people like you, because some days I get really discouraged.

    Keep on blogging!!!

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