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    September 16, 2008



    Thoughtful and fresh. I enjoyed this post.


    I so enjoyed this post and have passed it on to others. I attended the McCain rally in Tampa this morning and noticed the lack of "faces of color" in the crowd. Why are they reluctant to appear? Never mind, I know the answer and it's sad. I did see several signs that said "Tampa Latinos for McCain".

    I'm looking forward to reading the next installment!


    Your article is real insightful. I check your blog everyday to see what's to learn. Thanks.


    You are "very well spoken and articulate".

    Seriously though (that was a jab at Mr. Biden), I really respect your writing style and intellectual approach to these elections. I'm glad I just stumbled across your blog. Hopefully I don't sound cliche when I say that as a white guy, I have always respected people that break the molds of stereotypes.

    Thank you.


    "This deflating of the identity politics balloon hasn't been completely accomplished and it will likely never be completely accomplished. However, we are now in an increasingly peer-to-peer environment, the way America is supposed to be. "

    Amen to that, bro!

    Rest assured, you will never be "tuned out" in this corner.

    You have really been eating your Wheaties lately, JB--One home run after another!

    Ohio Boy

    Great post. I hope you're right.

    RE: PUMAs -- seems to me that McCain doesn't actually need to flip these voters. He may only need to assure them an "minimally acceptable outcome" (i.e. a woman VP) in order to convince them to find something else to do on election day rather than vote for Obama, who, in their eyes, slandered Hillary during the primary, anyway.

    A stay-home voter, who normally votes Democrat, would be just fine to McCain, I think.


    The stay-at-home PUMA's and the Bradley Effect have me quite serene. Barack Obama could have a 5-point lead in most swing states and it wouldn't concern me in the slightest.

    Gallup can keep tweaking their polls downward re Republican registrations, etc., who cares? The Republicans are united and excited while the Reagan Democrats aren't going to vote for BLT Barry no matter what the polls say.


    [1] Hmmm... is the point of this that Obama will lose white votes because he is black; or, that some white women won't vote for Obama because Palin is on the ticket?

    This does not require any additional discussion. It is a given that those things are true.

    The question is, are there enough of those kinds of voters that Obama cannot win? We'll see.

    [2] On the speculation that H Clinton could wind up on the ticket: that is nothing but concern trolling. It has a 0% chance of happening... just like the idea of Palin dropping out due to all of her troubles is just concern trolling.

    [3] It is curious that you said earlier, "Thank you George Soros." The Obama campaign is not an invention of Soros in any way.

    It is more correct to say that Obama is v 2.0 of the Howard Dean campaign: better organized, better funded, with a better candidate.

    [4] There is a funny spoof on Onion about Obama as a elitist, here:

    My feeling has always been: if you're going to "call him names", it's better to say Obama's some elitist from Harvard than some souped-up negro from the hood.

    If you notice: people say Obama is inexperienced; nobody says he's dumb or "lacking in smarts" on non- or anti-intellectual. It's huge that he's overcome the stereotype of a dim-witted black person.

    [5] RE: Sarah Palin: you're giving her way to many props. She is NOT universally loved; in fact, she's a polarizing figure. The latest polls I've seen indicate that the GOP base - which was going to vote for McCain anyway - loves her and is energized by her. But Democrats are not impressed.

    From CBS:

    {While Palin remains popular among McCain voters, the poll suggests that the McCain campaign may have cause for concern. More than half of registered voters do not think Palin is prepared for the job of Vice President, and even McCain supporters cite “inexperience” as what they like least about her.

    Just 17 percent of registered voters say McCain chose Palin because she is well qualified for the job of Vice President. Seventy-five percent say McCain made the choice to help win the election. (Even voters backing the Republican ticket share this view: 53 percent say the Palin choice was to help McCain win in November.) }

    [6] I've never thought that America was ready to elect an African American for president. But then, I never believed an African American would win the Democratic primary... and it happened. So maybe anything is possible.

    An interesting article, talking about how political scientists failed to see the possibility of a black presidential candidate in the general election is here:

    My point is: sometimes vision beats theory and cynicism... not all the time, but sometimes.

    [7] I believe it will all come down to (a) the debates, and (b) which candidate has higher negatives.

    Lost in all of the above analysis is that, McCain is simply not a great candidate. His poll numbers result from a ruthless and scurrilous negative campaign against Obama, mastery of how to win news cycles, and Sarah Palin.

    If McCain needs all of that to stay ahead, then something about him is a problem... which could cause him to lose to a black man in the race for president.

    Ohio Boy

    Yeah. Can't say I expected an excited Republican base this year. Glad it seems to have materialized at this point. If McCain stops his unforced errors, and backs off his silly immigration policy, that energy may even continue through to election day...

    I can't help but hope that there is also going to be A Question That Sorta Answers Itself Effect. (I lack a more concise term, but stay with me on this one...)

    Are people going to the voting booth to vote for:

    1) The President and Vice President of the United States of America?


    2) The President and Vice President of the World?

    I believe that the Reagan Democrats et. al will ultimately vote for the former. There really is only one answer to that question this year -- the former Navy Captain and his convervative running mate.

    This will probably bewilder and upset the Germans, who fortunately cannot vote. Given their track record of choosing German leaders over the past 100 years, though, I'd have to say that this is a feature and not a bug of the system. I can live with their disapproval, if that's the way they want it.

    Country First.


    Congratulations, EarthTone, for continuing the far left tradition of being verbose in the extreme. You've given us 500-600 words but could never figure out the post was about the beginning of the end of identity politics.

    Not good. But then again, when people work overtime to try and not see or hear what is staring them in the face that's what happens.

    McCain, contrary to your assertion, has to be a great candidate -- how could he not be if he was closing on Obama before naming Sarah Palin in a year Democrats insist they should be winning easily. But why don't you let us worry about that, huh?

    Obama isn't nearly as smart as supposed and the debates will prove it. Nor does he comprehend Country First -- and that's why he will lose this election in a landslide. Not because the country isn't ready for him or some other African American; he's not ready for the country. Which means he's the wrong black man for the job.


    And by the way, thanks to all who have commented. EarthTone, I will check out your links in the next couple of days.


    The Palin bounce has already subsided. The trend is now towards Obama, without question.

    The Bmore Sun column you quoted isn't relevant - the state of MD is solidly in the Obama column.

    Unfortunately for ideologues like yourself, the Republicans have proven themselves corrupt and incompetent, either unwilling or unable to deliver the limited government and strong defense they so often promise.

    Obama's a viable alternative. All you really have to offer against him is the "rednecks won't vote for him" canard. Maybe they won't. So what?


    Who said anything about rednecks?

    But if it soothes your psyche to believe that's the extent of Barry's problems -- cool by me.

    I'll be thinking of you on the first Wednesday in November.


    And again, it's the liberals using words such as "rednecks" or the "bubba" vote. Ironically, the "progressive" party are the ones constantly playing the race card or using offensive terms toward anyone who doesn't subscribe to their twisted ideals. The plantation analogy you mentioned earler RattleGator could not be any more obvious. The liberals live off of racism. They need it to keep their party together. How utterly sad for them. It really is pathetic.

    Ohio Boy

    To reiterate our host's words from the post:

    "Every far left liberal who has thrown out that kind of foolishness about the Governor of Alaska (the kindest thing many of them have grudgingly said is "empty suit") has telegraphed to black people exactly what they truthfully think of your grandmother, your aunt or your cousin, etc. Especially if they step off the plantation."

    I'm pretty sure there is some truth in that statement. All that from the "tolerant" party. Strange. Or maybe not.


    Nominating Palin for VP is roughly equivalent to the Dems nominating Maxine Waters for VP.

    As beloved as they are in their respective small worlds, neither woman is ready to take over the top job.

    That you're blind to this, when so many of the more thoughtful conservatives clearly see problems with Palin tells me that you're in major denial.



    I am somewhat disappointed in your response. You say that I was "verbose" in my post. But c'mon: my comment is certainly no more verbose that your original post. If verbosity is a sin, we would both be damned.

    But, my comments were very pointed, and each one was brief (2-3 sentences). It's just that, you had a lot to say, so I had a lot to say.

    As to the point of the end of identity politics: this essay just doesn't move me on that point. I am thinking about what additional points I will make on the subject; we'll see if I can eventually get to that.


    {And again, it's the liberals using words such as "rednecks" or the "bubba" vote.}


    Armey: 'Bubba vote' to hurt Obama

    ST. PAUL — The "Bubba vote" and underlying racism will hurt Democrat Barack Obama in key battleground states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania, former House majority leader Dick Armey said Wednesday.

    "The Bubba vote is there, and it's very real, and it is everywhere," Armey told USA TODAY and Gannett News Service. "There's an awful lot of people in America, bless their heart, who simply are not emotionally prepared to vote for a black man.

    See also this:

    Posting: Will Racism Prevent White Americans from Voting for Barack Obama?, Part 2: WSJ Doesn’t Think So; Republicans Do.


    You have a point, EarthTone, in that the eMail thing really disgusted me last night and that was dominant in my mind when I responded to you.

    You made the mistake, however, of submitting a long-ass response to a post and that is a pet-peeve of mine. Every point you raised could have been part of the evolving conversation. I'll never understand this liberal need (and I have seen it all over the web) to bombard people with long-ass responses. Believe me when I tell you, they are counterproductive.

    Finally: yes, my post was long this is *my* blog. Stick around; history is going to be made and we might as well talk about it.

    Doug in Colorado

    Cool logic, excellent reasoning, and thoughtful analysis, RG...I came here from Baldilock's trackback, and was delighted and impressed.

    As shown by the counter protests at both conventions, though, there's a small but considerable bunch out there, white/black whatever, who will use any excuse to rage against the "machine"...and incite others to do so as well. The Denver police were clever enough to scout out and remove some of the protesters stashes of bagged urine and feces...the St.Paul police were not quite smart enough to put teams on the overpasses and prevent "anarchists" from dropping cement bags on a couple of buses...intimidation and interference that could have been murder.

    For the sake of this country, when (not if) Obama loses, let's hope and pray it's not a replay of the Rodney King riots...for all our sakes.


    JB, I smell a lefty troll-spam attack...As a great American calls them, "seminar" posters.

    These people are trained by the Soros/Obama operation to distract/divert/waste the time of effective bloggers on the Net. I guess you shd take it as a backhand compliment...

    Getting back to the inherent Chi-town criminality of the Oblama, let's review just the past 2 weeks:

    1) Riots/assaults in Minnesota
    2) Jill Goldberg defrauds the McCain campaign
    3) Now it looks like a Dem activist/son of a Dem congressman was the one who broke Federal laws against Sarah Palin.

    [these are just the ones WE KNOW ABOUT...]

    Say what you want about "crippled old POWs" or "Alaska rednecks," but they somehow manage to avoid BREAKING THE LAW.

    Americans don't like gangsterism. The Klintons were shrewd about hiding theirs. Oblama and his gang aren't even clever or subtle.


    This is the clearest arrangement of statements I've read so far.



    This is the clearest arrangement of statements I've read so far.



    I find it disgusting that this story of Palin's email being hacked are nowhere to be found on Google new's home page anywhere. You actually have to dig to find any information about it. Ironically, if this would have been Biden's email or Obama's email, there would be a full out assault from the left to have McCain and Palin drawn and quartered for this. I have been reading comments from the left that this is somehow Sarah Palin's fault for using Yahoo email "to conduct government business", when in essence all they found were pictures of her kids... I am disgusted.


    Notice how the dad of the filthy young hacker Kernell is "dummying up," i.e., NOT COOPERATING WITH A FEDERAL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION...THE GUY IS A TENNESSEE LAWMAKER!!

    Isn't that "obstructing justice"? Why isn't every microphone east of the Mississippi jammed up this bastard's snothole? "Ohhhhhh, he's standing up for Sonny-Boy, isn't that nice..."

    John Erlichman, call your office!

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