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    October 24, 2008



    A relatively "weak" dollar is not a wholly bad thing. It promotes US exports,which helps our sorely out-of-balance trade deficit.


    Speaking of Rush,

    The discussion "Euro vs Dollar" started immediately after the Euro was introduced, because the Dollar started to depreciate in its value from that moment. Nowadays still many economists and global market experts are arguing - which one of them has a perspective of becoming world's primary currency, as the comparison of both in many fields usually generates similar results.
    Let's leave the experts aside and trust in vox populi - you tell us, which currency is more likely to become the global one - The Dollar, or The Euro -

    Cultural Strategist

    Bless you brother for bringing this important information to the fold.

    You are exactly right regarding how certain operatives point to Europe as the standard bearer. I have heard several analysts say for at least 4 years that the strength of the Euro cannot be justified based on the fundamentals in Europe. Their governments were in debt. Their productivity anemic. Despite this the common refrain from the Progressives in America was that - "Bush's policies" are causing the Euro to strengthen as we have lost our competitiveness.

    Europe is currently facing an economic crisis that is equivalent to our which exceeds that which we see in the USA.

    On a side note - I saw a video about the liberal mortgage lending that took place in Iceland. When the bottom fell out and they too had a housing crisis I never heard anything about "predatory loans" with an implicit reference to the racial motivations of the banks in doing so. This mostly because Iceland is lily White.

    Iceland's meltdown:

    שער הדולר

    Great post!

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