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    October 20, 2008


    Lord Bitememan

    I got the impression that Powell's endorsement was more a slap back at the Bush administration he feels marginalized it. That said, I hope Mr. Powell's pieces of silver serve him well for he's bought my wrath with them.


    I read that you're a loyal Army guy. One of my worries is that Gen. Powell's endorsement of Ombama (with Obama's opposition to the war, with Sen. Harry "the war is lost" Reid, et al) will have a demoralizing effect on the men and women in the military. Sort of like when McNamara later did a 180 with his book. Can soldiers feel secure with their leaders this way? I personally don't know, but I have a son in the US Army in Iraq right now, and I'm wondering how to answer his next questions, which will surely follow.


    Can't wait to see what you write after Obama wins...that will be fun.

    Lynne, if he wins I'm going to do what I always do -- I'm going to pray for his success as President and for the success of the country under his administration.

    I never, ever, hope for American failure. I never have.

    I can't vouch for other people, and this was certainly one of the reasons I had to get out of the Democrat Party.

    However, rest assured that my criticisms will be sharp and strong if I deem them warranted. He and I clearly differ on many things and I will be watching him with an Eagle's Eye.

    But he's not going to win.


    "A "can-do" people who consistently had to make a way out of no way during the entirety of our existence in America has been infantilized at the very moment of greatest opportunity in our history.

    And it is a self-inflicted wound; truly heartbreaking."

    Sad, brilliant, insightful words...Let's hope that, like a doctor's horrific diagnosis showing the need for painful treatment, your analysis will wake sufficient plantationers out of their slumber. "It doesn't have to be this way!!"

    BTW, all game theories of result optimization mandate that a "kingmaking" bloc must be seen as willing to choose EITHER WAY in order to maximize its leverage. Otherwise, the bloc will be diminished as "in the bag" for one side, and "written off as hopeless" by the other.

    Hey, that was a nice piece by Irving Kristol, blasting Noonan...Maybe he's moved up to probation? ;- )


    Hey, JB, did you see your new hero, the Ray's David Price, shilling for Hussein Obama today in Tampa?..."Dave, how do ya like the plantation?, you blockhead, you."



    Remember, Phil, my behind is black and I have a family full of Obama lovers. It would have been a shock if Price weren't so inclined. And he's a Vanderbilt man, too? Good Lord, one can only imagine the PC indoctrination he's received.

    I love your point about game theory. My suspicion is that more than a trickle of the younger black generation are on to it and this is why the need to move on from Sharpton to Obama was so pronounced (standards, for the first time, really mattered and black people -- like white people -- are really tired of the 1960s bullcrap).

    When some Republican ad agencies finally recognize my brilliance, I have an ad campaign roughly sketched out that's a guaranteed winner and it nudges the process forward by challenging African Americans.

    This begging for the black vote is ridiculous and counterproductive. It may be counterintuitive, my man, but Republicans should NEVER have accepted the legitimacy of any issue-framing that has the Party of Lincoln apologetic over issues of race.

    That includes the so-called Southern Strategy and Reagan going to Philadelphia, Mississippi, etc.

    It's time to question and challenge the black electorate; that is the only path forward. It requires that white people show some backbone and flush the guilt.


    First Off I want to state for the record, ROLL TIDE ROLL 7-0 we survived Ole Miss. We are Ranked #2. The spread was 15 points, and I stated there was no way we would make the spread, then by half time, I was like okay maybe, then toward the end of the game, I was watching the clock, puleeze let it run out. GRIN. Last year we beat Ole Miss, and one of the fans threw her pumps out onto the field. You know I hear from people outside of the SE conference, they like their Football...but this past weekend my daughter told me, the Sooners wanted Alabama to lose so they could move back up in the Ranking...My daughter told them are you nutz? Alabama is not that kind of football team (easily knocked off) Ah Okies, I don't think they even know, where their Coach Stoops came from. When Stoops, plays Alabama, he tells the Okies, I wouldn't be so quick with the Trash Talk, you underestimate Alabama at your on risk. My sister's grandson is at Tuscaloosa the Dental College, he is there on a Football Scholarship.

    Oh there are a lot of articles on Colin Powell, and his endorsement of Barack Obama. My husband is retired Army NCO over 27 years, and he has a brother, an Army Officer, still serving. The view of Gen Colin Powell, inside the Service is, that he has always been a Politician, in and out of the Army. I see this endorsement as him getting even with the Bush Administration, over the U.N. testimony he gave, on Weapons of Mass Destruction. I think the endorsement was Political, and Self Serving. I know he mentioned Obama's historic candidacy but this is all about Colin Powell. This is a no lose political maneuver for him, this endorsement, whether Obama wins of loses. My first thought about this endorsement was from a Military perspective. (It is very Political inside the different Military Services)Gen Colin Powell, a decorated Army Officer, a Vietnam Veteran and Secretary of State. I was disappointed he didn't endorse his fellow Vietnam Veteran, John McCain. Se La Vie.

    This is an article by Lowry stating Colin Powell's endorsement sounds more like excuses.


    "Telling a friend that the love of his life is a phony and dangerous is not likely to get him to change his mind. But it may cost you a friend.

    It is much the same story with true believers in Barack Obama. They have made up their minds and not only don't want to be confused by the facts, they resent being told the facts."

    ...An excerpt from Monday's article by Thomas Sowell. The link is below.


    First time visitor here --- and impressed. Learned stuff I didn't know phrased in ways I wouldn't have imagined.

    I hope in addition to making some interesting points and making them cogently and beautifully, you are also RIGHT in your predictions.


    Tomorrow John McCain, on Imus in the Morning on 77WABC and affiliates, also RFD TV., 6:00 A.M. Eastern Time.

    You can stream online, Imus is on a couple of radio stations in Florida.

    RFD TV also carries Imus in the Morning, it is rerun in the afternoon on RFD TV HD.


    "To the detriment of this nation, no American political bloc is as tribal as African Americans."

    I have someone on my site who is puzzled as to why I won't support Obama. He used the phrase "as A BLACK WOMAN" (yes in all caps) and now he wonders why I'm not taking him seriously.


    Self-flagellation is a form of moral exhibitionism. Whether one is talking about physical self-flagellation by Shi'ites and Filipino Catholics, the “spiritual athletes” during the early Byzantine Empire, or the more figurative variety of moral athleticism called White Guilt, the seeming self-sacrifice actually says, "Hey look me over. I’m better than you."

    I think that white guilt was never intended for the good of black people in the first place. White guilt is a means of showing off one's moral superiority and perfection, so those who ask whether white guilt ever helps black people are asking the wrong question.

    White guilt is never about helping non-white people and it is never about seeking justice for those who truly are abused. It’s about using masochism to show off one’s moral superiority. Whether white guilt ever helps anybody is irrelevant; what matters with white guilt is the solipsism of white liberal racism and condescension.

    As far as I can tell, racial guilt and empathy for other people are mutually exclusive.


    Alexis, those are words of wisdom! Beautifully put!


    Alexis! With the laser beam! Right on all counts.

    baldilocks, we have so much work to do. Might as well get to it.

    Ree, you know if both of our teams make it to Atlanta you and I are going to have a colossal . . . something! But it's going to be colossal. I think we own y'all in the SEC Championship game, don't we ;-) Thanks for spreading me around the internet, I'm very appreciative.

    RedPencil, even if ultimately wrong on the predictions we have the benefit of being RIGHT on the politics. But we're going to wind up winning this Presidential election.

    db, Sowell is going to be far more followed years down the road as we're picking through the wreckage of unintended consequences. It says much that he isn't revered or seriously studied in the populations that need to understand him most.



    Alabama is always respectful of Florida because it comes up in conversation. The question, Who likes their football the most in the SE. Alabama loves Football but they are honest when they answer, Florida folks are real serious about their football ;) But look who came out of Birmingham, Alabama.

    Saban is doing well, the big test is the Iron Bowl. My daughter had to explain to the Sooner folks, that when we played Ole Miss, it is like a grudge match...The Sooner folks, really are out of touch with the SE conference. Stoops came out of Florida, we were stationed in Moore OK., when he showed up, and I was very happy for the Okies. Stoops is the reason for their improvement, I don't know if they get why they started winning.

    This is for the non football folks reading so they can read about what we are discussing. The SE has produced, some great football coaches.


    An excellent essay on Powell voting for Obama because both are black is here (this includes comments from a number of conservatives on the subject):

    A very good essay on what the GOP needs to do to attract black voters, from a Republican black woman who (ugh!) seems to like Sean Hannity is here:

    Perhaps we can all feel good that Obama is a black man who does not appeal to white guilt, but rather, to the desire among all for American unity. As Obama said in his speech in VA:
    "There are no real parts of the country and fake parts of the country... There are no pro-America parts of the country and anti-America parts of the country. We all love this country, no matter where we live or where we come from. Black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, young, old, rich, poor, gay, straight, city dweller, farm dwellers, it doesn't matter. We're all together."

    Obama seeks to unite. The GOP seeks to demonize:

    I believe there are many blacks who might not otherwise vote for Obama, but are so disgusted by the attacks on him, they have become "racialized." I have more I could offer on that subject, but I want to keep this short.



    Thanks for that laugh, EarthTone. So disgusted, are they?

    So . . . 85% to 90% percent of the black vote has regularly gone to the Democrats but now, because of the attacks on The Messiah, 85% to 90% will now go to . . . the Democrats.

    Got it! Here's a suggestion: try a logic class at your earliest opportunity.

    And only now, because of these disgusting attacks, will they become "racialized." Only now! Only now are black Republicans being called Uncle Tom's and race traitors. Only now!

    EarthTone, please.

    Unfortunately, Sophia Nelson can't quite seem to find African American responsibility in the so-called "southern strategy" the Republicans employed. In fact, I'm not sure she can find African American political responsibility in anything. Apparently, we poor lil chillun simply get acted upon.

    Had African Americans not walked away from our historical party, would a "southern strategy" (real or not, legitimate or not) have even been possible? The Cubans in Florida -- new to the country -- somehow figured out that they could grow a presence in the newly growing Republican Party in the South but somehow we couldn't?

    And those Cubans don't even vote in lock-step at the 90% level!

    EarthTone, do you think talented tenth Sophia Nelson has taken the time to give that a single, solitary thought? Hell no! But she laments the McCain-Palin campaign walking a so-called fine line by using "socialist" and "terrorist." Are you kidding me!?!

    No other population in the nation votes in lock-step at the 90% level. None. That says something about us as African Americans and that something is not good.

    Black people want to have their political cake and eat it too. Democrats want to use the blackface as a proxy, allowing them to throw political bomb after political bomb, inject race at every opportunity, call the President a chimp, slander a white female governor at will, and then wail because a socialist is called a socialist.



    [1] {So . . . 85% to 90% percent of the black vote has regularly gone to the Democrats but now, because of the attacks on The Messiah, 85% to 90% will now go to . . . the Democrats.}

    The Dems got 84% of the black vote in 1996; 90% in 2000; and 88% in 2004. Some feel that Obama could get 95% of the black vote. (LBJ got 94% of the black vote in 1964, but nobody's broken the 90%+ barrier since.)

    I think a lot of blacks (and whites) are turned off by the demonization of Obama, and it's causing them to consider/vote for Obama, even though they've voted Republican in the past.

    Here's an interesting read:

    PS, calling Obama "the Messiah" is one of the insults that turns black folks off (and many white folks too.) Of course you're free to use that term, but be aware, all it does is anger the non-base, and makes it more likely that Obama is elected.

    [2] {Unfortunately, Sophia Nelson can't quite seem to find African American responsibility in the so-called "southern strategy" the Republicans employed.}

    You're in denial about the Southern Strategy.

    This is what Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman said in 2005: "By the '70s and into the '80s and '90s, the Democratic Party solidified its gains in the African American community, and we Republicans did not effectively reach out... Some Republicans gave up on winning the African American vote, looking the other way or trying to benefit politically from racial polarization. I am here today as the Republican chairman to tell you we were wrong."

    Maybe you think Nelson has it wrong. Maybe you think the former head of the RNC has it wrong. But clearly, there are other voices on the subject that might be worth listening to.

    I provided links that showed proof of how the GOP is demonizing African Americans in general, and Obama in particular. As long as that continues, African Americans will continue to reject the GOP in large numbers. That is the reality.

    [3] {Had African Americans not walked away from our historical party, would a "southern strategy" (real or not, legitimate or not) have even been possible? }

    We have no permanent friends, only permanent interests.

    When the Republican Party makes good on Ken Mehlman's promise to reach out to the black constituency, then maybe they'll get some black votes. And I should say, When and If.

    {and then wail because a socialist is called a socialist.}

    RG, it's not about the lie that Obama is a socialist. How about the Republic Party comment that the only difference between Obama and Osama is B S? These people are saying Obama is the same a mass-murderer. That's beyond intolerable.

    There's no equivalence to the charges made about Palin and those made about Obama. People complain about Palin's smarts or ethics. Has anybody said Palin is a mass murderer? It doesn't get worse than that.


    In point number one, EarthTone, you apparently have agreed with me. The numbers going back to 1964 are similar. Clearly negating your original point. This other gibberish where you insist on some significance is ridiculously subjective. The objective numbers say I'm right -- and you know it.

    In point two you don't address the point of African American responsibility at all. What's the matter, cat got your tongue? Or is it the idea of black people en masse going over to the Dixiecrats? You know, those folks y'all insist now populate the Republican Party. You didn't seem to have a problem with them in 1964, however. Isn't that curious? Permanent interests, EarthTone? Like being a slave to the Democrats?

    Finally, you ignore the bomb-throwing and race injection -- which can't be denied. And you run to those charge of those mean ole Republicans linking an Arabic name to an Arabic name. Boo-freakin-hoo. No equivalence? You're damn right.


    "How about the Republic Party comment that the only difference between Obama and Osama is B S? These people are saying Obama is the same a mass-murderer. That's beyond intolerable."

    You show me 1 single GOP official who compared Obama to Osama, and I'll show you a thousand Dhimms who compared Bush to Hitler.

    Whatta crock...And by "crock" I mean "troll."

    JB, you've got the patience of Job!


    {The numbers going back to 1964 are similar. Clearly negating your original point. This other gibberish where you insist on some significance is ridiculously subjective. The objective numbers say I'm right -- and you know it.}

    One the first point, we'll have to agree to disagree. But let me offer this historical perspective. Democrats averaged 87.3% of the black vote in the last 3 elections. If they get 95% in November, that would be an 8 point jump-which is huge.

    In 2000, Al Gore won the popular vote, but he lost the electoral vote. Gore got 36% of the white male vote. Had he added 8 points to that-getting 44% of the white male vote-the election would have been an easy win for Democrats, maybe even an electoral landslide. That's how huge an 8 point jump is.

    And if Kerry had gotten 8% more of the black vote in Ohio in 2004, he might have won that state, and the election. Kerry got "just" 84% of the Ohio black vote. Overall, Bush won the popular vote in Ohio by a 50.73% to 48.27% margin over Kerry. (And we're not even talking about the various controversies around the vote count in that state.)

    The point is this. A LOT (statistically significant number) of black folks who've voted GOP the last few years (ie, people like YOU) are jumping ship. And the racial (and religious) bigotry we've seen from your party is certainly a factor. (And I should add that, this is a factor for many whites as well.)

    Now, if you don't see a jump of 8 points in black support for the Dem candidate significant... well, we'll have to agree to disagree.


    {And you run to those charge of those mean ole Republicans linking an Arabic name to an Arabic name. Boo-freakin-hoo. No equivalence? You're damn right.}

    {You show me 1 single GOP official who compared Obama to Osama, and You show me 1 single GOP official who compared Obama to Osama, and I'll show you a thousand Dhimms who compared Bush to Hitler.}

    This is not "linking an Arabic name to an Arabic name." This is equating Obama to a mass-murdered like Osama Bin Laden. There IS a difference.

    RG, you can't have it both ways. At once, you whine about the attacks on Palin, but then you dismiss the attacks on Obama. You can't be taken seriously if you feel the attacks on Palin are outrageous, but you fail to be outraged by the (much worse, IMO) attacks on Obama.

    I think we DO need to evaluate each "attack" on its own. I didn't like the condescension and subtle racism of the "Obama is a rock star" ad, but I can accept that it's hardball politics.

    I am disgusted and outraged by the GOP women's group in California that put a picture of Obama on a food stamp, along with images of a KFC chicken bucket and some ribs. That image brought a black member of that club to tears, and led her to say "this is why the Republican Party can't attract black people."

    But the Sacramento County GOP newsletter with the graphic that said "Obama is Osama" and "Waterboard Obama"-thus equating Obama with a mass murderer and calling for Obama to be tortured-this should be considered intolerable by every American. I am sorry that your cynicism has destroyed your moral compass.

    RE: "You show me 1 single GOP official who compared Obama to Osama, and I'll show you a thousand Dhimms who compared Bush to Hitler."

    There are a lot of crazies on both sides who say outrageous things. What's notable in this election is the large number of GOP officials who are openly and brazenly attack Obama on racially and religiously bigoted terms.

    Consider this

    That's just the tip of the iceberg; there's not enough time to document similar kinds of attacks from the GOP apparatus. (And I'm not even talking about the anti-American/post-McCarthyist screeds.)

    I just don't see a similar type of racial and religious animus directed at McCain from Democratic officials. Can somebody give me an example of a Democratic official comparing McCain to Bin Laden?

    I think this is useful:

    Donald Scoggins, a prominent African-American Republican in Prince William County, has condemned Virginia Republican Party Chairman Jeffrey M. Frederick for comparing Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) to Osama bin Laden.

    Scoggins said he's been involved in the Republican Party for 40 years, but said Frederick's remarks are "totally unacceptable." Scoggins once headed Republicans for Black Empowerment, which sought to recruit more African-Americans Republicans to run for office.

    At this point in time, not just in Virginia, but all over, there needs to be a lowering of the decibel of hatred and that was very much uncalled for," said Scoggins, who has been in touch with other GOP activists and leaders this morning to discuss Frederick's remarks. "For him to equate (Obama) with someone as vile and destructive as bin Laden is just very much beyond the pale."

    bint alshamsa

    I'm new to this blog (here via a link in the comments section of Michelle Malkin's blog) and, as an Arabic speaking person, I just wanted to say that EarthTone is right about the Obama/Osamma name game. It's not the comparison of one Arabic name to another Arabic name. "Obama" is NOT an Arabic name. "Obama" and "Osamma" are not even pronounced the same way. Of course, the only way one would know that is if they took the time to educate themselves before they made a claim like this. Sadly, many people don't value education these days.


    Listen, bint, would it make you feel better if I had written that it was a comparison of an African name to an Arabic name? Would it have made a bit of difference? I'm reminded of Ali Mazrui's point regarding just who was it that decided that Arabia wasn't part of Africa? Think about it.

    Also, I have news for you -- those two names have similar pronunciation in America. Educate yourself on that. Of course, the only way you would have known that is if you took the time to educate yourself before making such a point essentially signifying nothing.

    And EarthTone, it's quite rich for you to tell me I can't have it both ways. Really now?

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