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    October 17, 2008


    I R A Darth Aggie

    If Palin's nomination hadn't won me over, this surely would have. I'm so cheesed off that I could chew nails and spit metal shavings.

    Hell, I might even be able to chew up a pipe wrench.


    I am also very upset by all of this. How dare the media attack an American citizen just because he does not agree with THEIR guy.
    Joe's "dream" is NOT fantasy as some media pundits are saying. How dare they background check him? He has been divorced and is a single man with a 13 YO son and owes some back taxes?!!!Give me a freaking break. We are living in hard times. I hope "Joe" earns some money from all of this media attention so he can pay those back taxes and buy his business.
    Media you have sunk to a new low to attack a single parent just trying to make an earnest living.


    Think about it; the combination of Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber ALONE kill Barack Obama.

    Add in an energized John McCain and the looming landslide is materializing.


    I'm confused - didn't Joe lie?

    His business isn't worth 250k, he makes 40k a year, and he admitted to Katie Couric that he'd get a tax break under Obama's plan... a bigger one than what he'd receive under McCain... both as a personal income driver and as a small business owner.

    He's also been all over the news as of today... by choice. I saw him on tv today saying he felt like Britney Spears (in a good way). So yeah... I'm confused, what's the problem with calling him out if he didn't tell the truth in the first place and now wants to up the ante of his 15 minutes of fame.


    Hey Confused...
    He didn't say that HE makes 250K, he said that he hopes to buy the plumbing business that would / could possibly make 250K.

    Get your facts straight. He didn't lie.

    Stop worrying about the question and the questioner, and start freaking worrying about that answer.

    The point is "share the wealth" is the Real Obama. Socialism. Period.


    Just found your blog, I like it! The "UF" in my nic stands for ...well...UF...class of '74...

    Added you to my favorites.

    BTW just bought the biggest plunger I could find and stuck it in the gorund next to my Mccaine yard sign.


    "Think about it; the combination of Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber ALONE kill Barack Obama.

    Add in an energized John McCain and the looming landslide is materializing."

    I so hope you're right and I'm glad you wrote this. I've been in shock at the media and the blogosphere in what they've done to this guy. I thought I was the only one who noticed until I read your article. Thanks.


    What's frightening is the constitutionally protected MSM in the tank for the Messiah. The ignore Obama's prevarications and obfuscations about his past including Acorn, Ayres and Wright but jump on Palin and Joe the plumber with all fours.


    If "O" wins, and I repeat IF, wait till the media turns on him. They love him now but they will turn on him like a pack of wild dogs going after a stray kitten.
    Funny, Barack and Oprah can both be identified as "O". Maybe she is really going to be president if he wins. You know she is bankrolling him up the whazoo.
    And I bet it was her, not Michelle, who told him he couldn't have Hillary as his running mate.


    It's about time someone noticed that it is not Joe's question that's disturbing, but Obama's answer. I don't know about you, I do not need the government to think for me or decide where my hard earned money should go. I can decide that all by myself.

    As far as I am concerned, this black woman is voting McCain/Palin '08!!!


    Yes, allseeing, yes!

    Lois, should he win he'll never be able to do what these folks want him to do and because the Democrats are all about phony conversations between their special interest groups, watching that mess play out could be interesting as all get out. But the Presidency is too important for that so I hope like hell it does not come to that.

    Whit, lunch tomorrow? Lets try and figure out how to make it happen sometime this week.

    Chloe, hang in there. We will win and we need Republicans to stay positive.

    Cinnamongirl, I love that name almost as much as I love the Gators! Remember Joe the Plumber!

    Tickleddragon, booyah! Shake it off, Confused, shake it off baby. There are more haymakers where that came from and we have just begun to fight!

    McCain-Palin 2008.
    Country First!

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