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    January 09, 2010



    Hey, thanks for the link. It's a great list, isn't it?


    I love to find gems like that, Gerard. You're on quite a roll, too. Keep up the good work.

    Gary Herring

    Excellent list. May I propose the following additions? (I admit, I haven't seen the movie. I therefore pose these as questions.)

    1. Did anyone in this star-faring civilization think to deploy remote-controlled drones or robots to do their fighting for them?

    2. Did it ever occur to the star-faring civilization to use their position in orbit to full advantage? Why wouldn't non-nuclear kinetic energy weapons finish the fight PDQ.

    3. Did any of the humans even consider the possibility of using drones to attach boosters to the floating mountains full of unobtainium and lifting them to orbit where they could be mined without dealing with any native life at all?

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