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    January 09, 2010



    I'm sitting here with two layers of heavy fleece on as well as a lap robe...and still cold! Europe is as cold. So much for global warming, er climate change. It didn't even get to 40 today over here on the west coast.


    It (the weird weather) has obviously thrown the prognosticators off their game. They've been predicting teens up here for lows the last couple of days but it is steadily hanging in the low to mid 20s. It's supposed to be about 14 right now but it's 25 at the Airport and 22 over in Quincy.

    Down the West Coast is what has amazed me. It's as cold in Tampa as it is here -- Brooksville is ordinarily the cold spot down there and it was 20 degrees around 5 a.m. INCREDIBLE! At Cecil Field, over on the Westside of Jacksonville, it hit 17 during the 2:00 hour but hit 25 during the 4:00 hour.

    It has been below freezing in Immokalee, down on the Glades, since 2:30 a.m. through right now, 6:30 a.m. Sunday morning.

    This is crazy weird for us. Crazy weird!


    I remember when they predicted that the UK would be a tropical paradise and we'd be able to grow oranges and olives and exotic fruit and vegetables....HA! Having endured four weeks of the deepest snow we've ever seen and no letup in the freezing temperatures (as low as minus 18 Centigrade which is the temperature our freezer runs at by the way) I venture to say THEY WERE TALKING BULL. wILL THEY ADMIT IT THOUGH?

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