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    February 27, 2010



    You Married Well J.B., Congrats.



    Yes I did, Ree, yes I did.

    It turned out to be a fantastic production and very well attended. They had better, more appropriate hats up in Atlanta at Spelman but we had the better actors, better set, better production. As we should have -- they used a cast made up entirely of students and our show had some pros mixed in. With the President of the University attending and folks from all over the community, it was a great weekend for the Essential Theatre at FAMU.

    After seeing the show, I can (without any bias at all) report that we've got at least one new star coming through the program and this woman can truly sing and act her behind off!

    Most fun for me from the weekend, however, was the fact that my mother, the mother of her church and emblematic of the whole "Crowns" thing, was able to make it over from Orange Park and thoroughly enjoyed the show -- wearing her Crown. So, too, did her sister from Jacksonville and the fact that the two of them (and multiples of their children) got to participate in this part of my life was very gratifying. My older brother (the father of the soldier back from Iraq) has had many good-natured battles with my wife but says he may now have to actually give her some dap (imagine that!).

    Wifey heads out to the San Francisco Bay Area this weekend for some pow-wows (along with some other black college faculty) with the folks at Berkeley Repertory Theatre. FAMU already has a good working relationship with, and has placed kids at, the American Conservatory in San Francisco. We'll see how this goes.


    I have to admit that the third woman has the most beautiful smile that I have seen in while.

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