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    May 18, 2011



    Newt is 100% Washington insider. He's the de facto leader of the Cocktail Party.

    It will be good riddance when his candidacy finally crashes and burns.


    Newt's mouth has always gotten him into trouble. Just think back to the the government shutdown issue in the 80s when he was going toe to toe with Clinton. If he hadn't made the stupid comment about being snubbed on AF 1, he might have won that showdown. His mouth runs before his brain does. Not presidential material.


    It was really quite unique: a pro-life candidate ABORTING his own candidacy, at conception!

    Ya know, I loved Newt for ~29 years, but this latest just PROVED he did not have the **discipline** necessary to win.


    Just one more nail in the coffin of his candidacy. Thank heaven it was a quick and relatively painless death.

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