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    December 15, 2013



    Yeah, Mandela was a great guy, his ANC only murdered 14 thousand people or so, which only twice the 7,000 that the SA government killed. Terrific soul, only a small percentage were murdered by putting burning tires around their necks.

    Mandela was a murdering communist, just like all communists. That he didn't murder so much doesn't impress me.


    Phelps, I think you have missed the bigger perspective. "Mandela" killed those people? Really? By that standard, the government of South Africa and those enforcing Apartheid killed many, many thousands more. You can choose to be underwhelmed by this giant of a man. Fine. I'm in awe of a man who held back a revenge-minded majority and thereby spared many, many thousands of white lives (and the thousands of black lives that would have also surely been lost in the bloodbath).

    All because it was the right (and Christian) thing to do.

    That's good enough for me to revere. Your mileage may vary.

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